Golf Swing – It’s More Than Hitting the Ball

Whether playing golf is your professional or recreational activity, you can enjoy this royal game to the fullest if your swings are powerful. Both beginners as well as seasoned players need to improve their swings to get the ball to the right hole. For this, it is essential to constantly work towards enhancing one’s grip over the golf club. If you know how to hold your golf club right, you definitely know how to make your swing work in your favor.

There are 5 essential tips which you can use to add power to your golf swings. If you practice them diligently, you will get desired results for sure. These include:

1) Keeping square club face: You need to play your shot with a square club face for the perfect swing. If you hold your club face in this fashion while taking a shot, your ball will go straight and cover a long distance. For holding your club face parallel, you should have your golf swing plane consistent i.e. your length from the ball and posture should be accurate and stable. While taking a shot, you need to bring your golf club straight back maintaining the swing plane through hitting the ball.

2) Maintaining time: For an effective golf swing, you need perfect timing. In order to get the right timing, you need to keep your swing speed consistent. When you bring your golf club back, make sure that the speed is not dropped. The speed should be same when you take your golf club back and then forward for the swing.

3) Balancing body weight: If you are taking a backswing, you need to pay attention to your body weight. Try to keep your weight within your right foot and bend your knee slightly. It will help you earn an impressive shot.

4) Perfecting slice: In order to cure your golf slice, you need to observe your posture, grip and direction of the club. For grip, you need to look at the movement of your left hand. For squaring your posture, you need to take a look at the club that you are readying for the shot. Make sure to keep your club face square in the direction you are intending to take shot and align your feet and shoulders with the club lying on the ground. When you are ready to hit the ball, make sure that your main shoulder is down and your arms and hands are naturally leading through the ball.

5) Improving grip: In this entire game, having a strong grip is quite important. Your grip shouldn’t be too tight or too loose because it will ultimately hamper your swing speed. The best way to judge if your grip over the golf club was right or not is to observe that whether you feel pain in your hands and arms after the game is over. For a good grip, you need to practice on your driving range regularly. It will help you improve your game.

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